Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

Throughoutour events there will be information on:
- Feeding with respect for the environment and your child
- Providing positive engagement options for young children
- Preparing for a low intervention childbirth
- Connections between families and organizations that value a sustainable lifestyle & informed parenting

Family Friendly

New England Natural Baby Expo

Take a trip to the coast without the Cape Cod traffic. Enjoy all that Rowley & the North Shore has to offer while spending the day at this unique parenting conference and baby expo. More than just a Baby Fair, the New England Natural Parenting Sale and Baby Expo focuses on connecting parents with information from the Seacoast, North Shore, Cape Ann and Greater Boston.

New England Natural Parenting Sale & Baby Expo is a full day of information and shopping for parents focused on parenting. Expecting parents, new parents, veteran parents, grandparents and caregivers are all invited to meet local vendors with family oriented products that fit into a lifestyle that values local businesses and the environment. This is an opportunity to buy items for mom, dad, baby & young children. 

Keep an Eye Out for These Event Tents as well at our events.  
Conference Tent|
Diaper Changing Tent|
Family Space|
Infant Feeding Space|
Live Music & Picnic Area|
Live Music & Workshop Tent|
Workshop & Lecture Tent| 

Birth Story

After an amazing summer meeting cloth diaper families at the Ipswich Farmer's Market in 2016, the owners of Pumpkin Vines LLC wanted to find a way to bring local cloth diaper families together to Buy, Sell and Trade their cloth diapers...
Not long after local cloth diaper enthusiasts rallied behind the cause and the Cloth Diaper Exchange went from an idea to reality. The 2018 Cloth Diaper Exchange has been integrated into the ​New England Parenting Sale & Expo. 

Past Speaker Series & Interactive Sessions

Prenatal Chiropractic Care -Join us to learn how chiropractic care can help mothers throughout their pregnancy and see a demonstration of the protocol used. Webster Technique addresses tailbone alignment as its position has been linked to difficulties during labor (aka dystocia). Eliminate the chance of inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby mal-presentation (breech). Additionally, find out about the effect a chiropractic adjustment has on all body functions, by reducing nervous system stress, optimizing fetal development and moms health. (25 minute session) Presented by McGovern Family Chiropractic 

Learn how Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine can facilitate the health and wellness of a growing family. Creating balance to support Mom’s through fertility & pregnancy all the way through birth & post-partum recovery. Additionally, learn about “Shonishin,” a pediatric form of acupressure to support children’s health. Presented by New Harmony Center for Health & Wellness

Music of Peace, Love, and Harmony - with Ron Goldman - Singer-guitarist-songwriter Ron Goldman performs music with insight, energy, sensitivity, and humor. He has the versatility to use many styles with equal persuasion and creates moods ranging from introspection to celebration. Ron performs a wide variety of popular and folk music through the decades from such artists as Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Bette Midler, John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor, Burt Bacharach, John Lennon, Pete Seeger, and many others. Additional songs are original. The audience is invited to participate in the music. 

Using Essential Oils for Mothers - This intimate session will outline the range of uses for Essential Oils while pregnant, during labor and with babies. (55 minute session) Presented by Christina Maney with DoTerra Essential Oils

Your Core & Pelvic Floor - In this interactive workshop you will: Learn and receive feedback on optimal postural alignment; Practice safe exercises to improve core and pelvic floor function; Discover what exercises are unsafe during the postpartum period and why. (55 minute session) Presented by MotherTend Postpartum Services

Make Your Own Roller Bottles - A How-To Session about making essential oils roller bottle for your children. Recipes shared are perfect for the little ones in your life. You can just listen and watch or parents and caregivers can make their own to take home for just $5. Presented by Christina Maney with DoTerra Essential Oils

And Baby Makes Four: Tips and Resources for Becoming a Parent of Two (or More!)
This information session for parents will cover the topics of emotional adjustment, establishing new routines, and balancing the needs of older children and babies.
The presentation will be given in two parts, one geared towards parents and one for children. Families are welcome to attend either or both sessions. Heather Magill, DONA Certified Postpartum Doula at Lavender Doula Care  

Music for Young Children - with Ron Goldman - Children's music is a specialty of Ron's programs. He connects easily with children and enjoys involving them in his music. Songs may be original and from traditional and contemporary sources. Children are encouraged to respond, participate, move, sing, dance, and make rhythm. Humor and high energy are regularly part of the musical experience. Ron has performed at KinderCare, Bright Horizons, and other children's centers and events.

And Baby Makes Four (or More!): Story Time & Activities for New Siblings
The story time for new siblings will include books and activities to help children age 2-5 explore the changes in their lives and embrace their role as big sister or brother.
The presentation will be given in two parts, one geared towards parents and one for children. Families are welcome to attend either or both sessions. Heather Magill, DONA Certified Postpartum Doula at Lavender Doula Care 

Letter to Your Womb - This small group workshop will give you the opportunity to write a letter to your childbearing body. This session is for all parents that would like to explore how their bodies helped them, failed them, empowered them and everything in between. This will be a wonderful and engaging session no matter where in your journey you are. (25 minute session) Presented by Pumpkin Vines LLC

Breastfeeding Beyond Six Months - Everything Changes! A crash course on nighttime nursing, strategies for keeping up your milk supply when returning to work, dealing with distracted babies who are on the move, and starting solids! This workshop will have information for partners & those supporting mothers. Presented by La Leche League of MA/RI/VT Leader Maureen Whitman

Avoiding Panic in First Aid Situations - In this session we will review what you should have on hand in the home and car for basic first aid. We will also go over when to call for help and warning signs that ever yparent should be aware of. Be ready for what to do and who to call if there is a trip and fall or poisoning in your home. Presented by Elizabeth Holmes a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician

Understanding Solar Question & Answer - Sit in the shade of the Slate Patio Tent and get a comprehensive overview of today’s solar power and what it mean for your family. Presented by Cazeault Home & Solar

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Panel - This small group conversation session is for partners. Led by a husband who helped support his partner through her postpartum struggles. (25 minute session)

Wraps and Woven Demonstration - An interactive demo for parents interested in baby wearing with woven wraps. 

Cloth Diapering 101 - Not sure if Cloth Diapers are for you? Cloth Diaper 101 will take the mystery out of cloth diapering. (25 minute session) Presented by The Cloth Option 

Babywearing & Kangaroo Care - Kangaroo Care is a method of care practiced with infant, where the infant is held skin-to-skin with his mother, father, or caregiver. (55 minute session) Presented by Lovey Bee Baby Wearing

Sprouting Melodies® -Through song, instrument play and movement, these classes stimulate and enhance musical, social, physical, and emotional growth and development.Presented by Roman Music Therapy Services

Water in Labor - For generations women have turned to water for its calming effects during labor. During this workshop a Certified Nurse Midwife will explain how water can assist a mother as she moves through the stages of labor. Presented by North Shore Birth Center

Helping Parents Manage Angry Feelings - Anger: a wasted emotion? Actually, it’s one of the most misunderstood emotions. Come to this session for a different perspective on your anger. Learn to listen more closely to the messages about justice, fairness, protection, and courage that inspire it. Discover new ways to speak for anger (without the shouting) (55 minute session) Presented by Julie Allen, LLL Leader, LCPC

Infant Massage - In this mini session we will learn the basic strokes to give our babies a healthy and calming massage. We will learn what type of carrier and essential oils we can safely use with our babies. And we will learn how our babies communicate with us through their body language and effective cry. Presented by My Om Baby 

The Goober Dad’s Toolkit - Helping Your Child Meet Developmental Milestones Through Play In this session parents will get an overview of the seven (yes, seven) senses and learn the importance of challenging your baby with a variety of different sensory and play opportunities in order to meet developmental milestones. Expect to come away from this session with a list of fun ideas to try with your whole family. Presented by Brian C. Walsh, MOT, OTR/L

Spine Health and Developmental Milestones - How the spine impacts the development of a healthy nervous system and immune system in infants and children. In this session we will uncover how each milestone lays down the pathway for success in socializing, learning, sports and activity, and health. Discussion as to how to prevent and overcome common pediatric challenges such as nursing difficulties, colic, reflux and constipation, frequent ear infections, developmental delays, ADD/ADHD, and sensory disorders will be addressed. (55 minute session) Presented by Inner Source Chiropractic and Craniosacral Wellness

How to Write a Birth Plan - How to Write a Birth Plan – Preparing for birth doesn’t have to be stressful. A birth plan gives you the opportunity to clarify your preferences for labor and delivery. Where? Who? How? What? When? Come find out the answers to these questions with the help of a professional and knowledgeable doula. Create a birth plan that will leave you feeling empowered and confident in the journey that lies ahead. (25 minute session) Presented by Acelleron Maternal Wellness

Why Yoga - In this outdoor session we will look at how yoga can benefit the whole family. All ages and levels welcome as we move in a kid friendly environment. We will do some basic poses that anyone can try. Lets see how many little bodies will try downward-facing dog, cat, cow, cobra or happy-baby pose on the grass under the big tent. Presented by Ashley Matthews of Ride the Wave Yoga

Cooking Demonstrations with Elizabeth Holmes 

Using Foraged Herbs- Tackling every day issues with the plants around you. What is in your back yard that can help keep your family healthier? In this session we will look at how you can include foraged herbs in everyday life to increase family wellness, & health. We will touch on plants like nettle, dandelion, & purslane.

Herbal Medicine for Families - Have you wanted to have your own medicinal cabinet, made by you? Here’s your chance. We’ll touch on some staples made from foraged, & locally farmed herbs used in everyday remedies for the family! In this session, we’ll make an infused oil for ear aches, a clay for thrush, & a compress for congestion!

Toddlers + Allergies - Food allergies have become more pervasive in society, & unfortunately everything is made with gluten, & dairy. Let’s get back to basics, & learn how to survive in a convenience world, with picky toddlers that have a limited diet. We’ll cook a family meal, that’s quick, & easy to prep.

Healthy Eating (Hiding the Vegetables) - children can be picky eaters, & it is such a struggle to get that full food pyramid into them. Once you finally think you’ve got the secret it all changes again! Let’s learn a few more tricks to making sure your children are getting all that they need, without ripping your hair out! We’ll cook a quick family meal that has every major food group covered, even if it doesn’t look it, or taste it.

Introduction to Solids; Moving past Cereal - Solids introduction is such a difficult, confusing time for parents! Doctors say one thing, the media says another, & then there’s Grandma Flo telling you to throw rice cereal in to make the newborn sleep through the night. Let’s cover some nutrient dense first foods, & move through a developmentally appropriate timeline together! ​

Pumpkin Vines Events

Focus on Family

​The New England Natural Baby Expo focuses on the early years of life. The day covers a range of topics about pregnancy, newborns, infants, children and family as well as a number of classes dealing with more general topics for mothers, fathers and caregivers. These classes focus on how to care for your growing and changing family. The Natural Baby Expo understands that families come in many sizes and configurations and we strive for more inclusive information for all types of parents.

Our events are usually Rain or Shine, there will be a range of indoor and tented activities for families no matter the weather. The New England Natural Parenting Sale & Baby Expo was conceived out of the need for the community to connect with like minded local businesses and non-profits. Based on a blend between the Farmer's Market and a Baby Expo, the event gives caregivers an opportunity to learn about sustainable products and services and community based organizations. Unlike so many other Baby Expos this event is about selects speakers, companies and products that can keep parenting local and holistic.

Spread Ideas!

Natural Learning
Feeding with Love & Respect
Cloth Diapering
Organic Products
Informed Decision making
Joint parenting
Ecological Responsibility
Imaginary play
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose
Holistic Health Practices

Amazing Presenters Each Year

Beth Rosa -A mother of two, she has been wearing her own babies and helping other families do the same since 2011. She initially pursued babywearing to alleviate the challenge of pushing a giant travel system stroller in tight Boston stores with her first child. As he grew and became a runner, babywearing became the best option to keep him safe in crowded places. When her daughter joined the family, babywearing became an all-day, every-day requirement. Keeping up with a preschooler while caring for a baby who demanded constant close contact gave Beth a new appreciation for babywearing and a love for a wider variety of carriers.

Molly Lawney is a postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and postpartum fitness instructor, as well as a mother of one (soon to be two, come November!). Molly completed her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science in 2009, and spent several years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She completed her Master's degree in Maternal & Child Health in 2014; her daughter was born during the summer between semesters of grad school. After suffering from back and hip pain following the birth of her daughter, Molly spent several years trying to uncover her own postural and pain issues. After much self-study regarding postpartum physical issues, she has succeeded at improving her own function and wellness, and has since been on a mission to help other moms do the same! (Photo by Jessica Militello Photography)

 Brian C. Walsh, MOT, OTR/L (The Goober Dad’s Toolkit) is a pediatric occupational therapist who has been working with children, ages birth to 21, since 2014 and loving every minute of it. Brian presented The Goober Dad’s Toolkit for the La Leche League International of Maine and New Hampshire Annual Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference in 2016. He is a card-carrying goober dad of two kids and lives in Plymouth, NH with his family.

Cooking Demonstrations are lead by Elizabeth Holmes - Elizabeth Holmes is an experienced childcare provider, EMT (soon to be paramedic), & herbalist. Coming from a traditional background in medicine, she blends the natural into her education, forming a well rounded balance. She is the owner of Healing Mama, a herbal intervention brand, & a parent to a 13 month old one-nager. Her classes come from the perspective of both a parent, & provider, & with your child's best interest in mind.

Reina Dastous is a Certified Nurse-Midwife with over 17 years of experience. She has attended births at home, hospital and birth centers. She is currently the practice director at the North Shore Birth Center at Beverly Hospital, where she frequently uses water to support laboring women.

Julie Allen has been a LLL Leader for 19 years. She is a mother to two young adults, three exchange students, and has been married for 26 years.
With a Master’s in Psychology and Counseling, she often speaks about issues that arise in the midst of loving our children, loving our partners, and loving ourselves.
She has a private clinical practice, teaches at local college, and runs a women’s support group for survivors of sexual assault. She lives and works in Kennebunk, Maine.

Local Beverly Chiropractor, Dr. Courtney Neill, has a deep rooted passion for assisting with whole family wellness, particularly pediatric care and pregnancy/postpartum health. As a Webster Pregnancy Certified Practitioner, she assists women in achieving healthy spinal biomechanics and fetal position during pregnancy. Being a mother of two young boys (4 and 16 months), she easily can connect and relate with the joys and challenges in parenting and health. She takes pleasure in teaching people how amazing the body is at healing itself when it's free of nervous system interference with chiropractic care, and how to achieve wellness and longevity with exercise, nutrition, and healthy thought patterns.

Cloth Diaper Exchange

This is a unique cloth diaper event in New England for people come to buy, sell and trade cloth diaper products. At the day long outdoor market parents can also browse a range of vendors that have been selected for parents that care about natural parenting and local products.
We began the cloth diaper exchange because our area did not have easy, affordable access to cloth diapers. No one thought the North Shore had enough diaper addicts or a strong cloth diaper community. We hope this day long event helps to introduce families to cloth diapers in and around Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.
We hope that this and future events will help to give back to the cloth diaper community in our area and shed a positive light on the cloth diaper culture and industry. This isn’t your average Baby Show where people just come to push products on you. Our event is a forum for families to buy, sell or trade cloth diapers while taking part in the
This is a family friendly conference and outdoor market and we want to make sure everyone has fun the entire day.
We are currently recruiting local businesses and community leader to run demonstrations, lead activities and have informational booths at the outdoor market.

Vendors & Sponsorship

Special Thanks to Our 2016-18 Presenting Sponsors: Diaper, Cazeault Solar & Home​, Littlin Cloth Diapers.
We also want to remind guests about our 2016 Sponsors for the event: The Fuzzy Stitch, Ace Solar, Lauren MacDonald Photography & Deeper Still Photography.  

The New England Natural Parenting Sale & Baby Expo was conceived out of the need for parents to connect with like minded local business and non-profit. Based on a blend between the Farmer's Market and a Baby Expo, the event gives parents an opportunity to learn about sustainable and natural parenting. This maternity and baby fair selects speakers, companies and products that can keep parenting, ecologically friendly, local and holistic.

Presented by Pumpkin Vines is a cloth diaper importer DBA and natural parenting advocacy company presenting natural parenting events. We are focused on bringing up the next generation in a sustainable manner. Event participants can learn through 1:1 interactions and group information sessions. We believes that all parents need to trust their instincts; it is our goal as event organizers that all guests feel confident in their choices for their family. We respect that every family is unique.

Amazing Topics

​Low Intervention Birth
Cloth diapering & Elimination Communication
Ecological Responsibility
Love of nature
Quiet time
Imaginary play
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose
Feeding with Love & Respect
Fostering healthy food choices
Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding
Holistic Health Practices
Alternative health care
Yoga, Acupuncture and Herbal remedies
Informed decisions

Exciting Events

Natural Learning
Explore Education Options
Household to Hygiene
Organic products
Essential oils
Toxin-free living
Responsive Parenting
Keeping communication open
Positive discipline
Ways to offer choices
Allowing natural consequence
Responding with sensitivity & Patience
Safe, soothing sleep
Using nurturing touc